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Contest Information
Oceanside Pier, Oceanside CA

Each contestant gets a t-shirt for early registration and lunch for every participant, as well as a lot of freebies from our sponsors. Also, there will raffle tickets to buy with many great prizes and give a ways, we will be Raffling Surf Boards at the end of the day. So. Bring some cash, it is for a good cause, True Shepherd Ministry; bringing clothing, food, shelter and health care to rural communities in Haiti.

For lunch we will be having a Chili Cook Off! If you want to enter your best “Chili creation” email Nate to enter and let him know you will be bringing enough to feed about 8 people.
Winner gets the coveted GOLDEN OVEN MIT and a prize bag.

Pre-registration fee is $20.00 per the first division you want to participate in, then only $10.00 per division thereafter. The parent/gromb combo is $20 for the parent and $20 for the child. If the parent and or child want to also compete in other division, then it is only $10.00 thereafter. Add $10.00 to the registration fee if you register the morning of (between 06:30 am and 07:00 am)

We suggest that the kids try and compete in different divisions. Our hope is that you have fun and get to surf as many heats as possible to get more experience. We want to help you improve your skills as a surfer.

As for the girls we have 3 options:
They can participate in the women only (ages 18 and under), on their short or longboard. They can also participate in the Longboard division (co-ed). And join in any of the boys divisions under the appropriate age division.


No matter what time your heat is, or your division, you need to register the morning of the contest by no later then 07:00 AM (between 06:30 and 07:00 am) Heat times are not available until the morning of because times will change as Day-of-Registrations come in.

Divisions in order of event starting at 7am:
Grom Shortboard (14 & under)
Juniors Shortboard (18 & under)
Super Grom Shortboard (10 & under)
Longboard (18 & under)

Girls (12 & under)
Womens (18 & under)
Air Show (18 & under)
Mini-Grom Push In (8 & under)
Parent/Grom Team :: Parent/Grom combo Team will be $20 for each surfer. That division is completely open but the Grom must be 18 and under and the parent/guardian must be family. To even the teams, Groms will receive a quarter point for each year they are under 18.

The above times are a guestimate only. It depends on how many kids show up for each division so your division heat times might be earlier or later.

We suggest getting there early and enjoying the contest! Hang out for the day even if you loose out. There will be plenty of games, activities and prizes for groms and parents!
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